Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm not blogging

What’s really the thing is, I haven’t been reading any blogs. Well, a couple. I’m checking in with friends every day or two, but mostly skimming. I’m so fed up with the United States election, and it was bad enough before when it was Clinton or Obama, but now Palin’s in there too. Even the people who would normally write about God, or art, or poetry, or literature ... they’re all writing about Governor Palin. It’s led me to avoid the intertubes altogether.

A Canadian federal election was called on Sunday. The Prime Minister went to the Governor-General, and said that the government was no longer functioning adequately, and asked that Parliament be dissolved. That being done, there will be a federal election on October 14th. There will be less than seven weeks of active election campaigning. The leaders of the parties get chosen at annual or biannual conventions – that’s already decided. And it’s decided by the party members, not the public at large.

I’m healthy and very happy – got good things happening. I’m keeping track of the hurricanes, and who’s been evacuated, or going to be. Praying.


FranIAm said...

I hear you and I understand... not that your require either, but I am just saying.

It is hard to be here too and it is hard to not talk about it, although it is as maddening.

I weep for my country, I weep for our world.

Doorman-Priest said...

I know the feeling. I decided not to comment on election posts and then I decided not to post on THE election. Then I changed my mind and thought I'd show an alternative British perspective. Maybe you could show us another alternative?

Pagan Sphinx said...

It's such a worrisome situation here, Kate. Sigh.

I'm thinking of you if you have to evacuate.


Kate Morningstar said...

Fran, thank you. We're now in a federal election process too, and for the first time I'm wondering what I'm going to do, because none of the options are appealing. It is, at least, finite and short.

Yes, I've been watching what you've been doing, D-P. I suppose I could find something to write about -- I'm going to be in the heart of Republican territory for most of October. But I'm going to spend my time doing other things. Learning to drive ...

Pagan, thank you too. Let's all evacuate to Iceland -- the winters are a little rough, but the politics are lovely. And little girls get their mothers' names, not their fathers'.

Jan said...

Thanks for keeping track of hurricanes. Luckily, my city was not hit, but my son had to evacuate from Houston. But he's back there now, though without electricity in his house. I asked him if he had a flashlight, and he didn't know!

Kate Morningstar said...

Jan, I know someone who evacuated from Galveston to just south of Tyler, twice now, in the last two weeks. Neither hurricane dumped what was forecast on my friends -- 3/4" of rain from Gustav and about 2 from Ike. But the power was off after Ike -- went back on this morning. One old oil lamp -- he's ordered a two-mantle Coleman one now.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Sorry. How silly of me. YOU don't have to evacuate. I forgot for a moment where you live. A senior moment, if you will.

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