Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lucy, You Have Some 'Splainin To Do

In the comments thread on the Anne Murray video, Doxy talks about having her hair cut by the woman who goes on tour to do Annie’s. Then there was a little talk about hair styles. When I was away for the weekend a couple of weeks ago, I did some image-changing. Hence the new photo on the profile – I love the red hair, and the orange fingernails didn’t last. Too much maintenance. My toenails are still orange though.

There’s a lot I like about that picture – including that I took it in the bathroom mirror at my mother-in-law’s. So much easier than setting the timer and trying to sit and look natural for 10 seconds. And it’s fun of itself.

It’s also fun for me to look at a photograph of myself and just like it, the minute I see it, without letting The Critic open her mouth and spoil it for me.


Wormwood's Doxy said...

Great photo, Kate!

I love red hair---my daughter is a true redhead and my son is strawberry I used to be before I had children. For some reason, my hair turned darker after that---thus, the highlights.

FranIAm said...

Oh I noticed the photo yesterday but did not say anything.

I love the look and it is such a great photo... you, the camera, the mirror that hair!

Pagan Sphinx said...

Your face has so much character and beauty, Kate. Thanks for sharing it with us.

By the way, have you already featured Joni Mitchell as a Canadian icon?


Kate Morningstar said...

They tell me I was born strawberry blonde, Doxy, but it all came out and grew back in that white, white blonde, then it got brown as I got older. It's fun to change it at will.

Fran -- thank you -- I really like the photograph, as a photograph. Even if it wasn't me. It's fun -- the picture's fun and I look like it's fun.

Thank you, Gina! No, I haven't done Joni Mitchell yet, and I've been listening to her SO MUCH recently. I've been watching a YouTube video of "Chelsea Morning" and listening to a CD called (I think) "Songs of a Prairie Girl". Maybe I'll put up "Chelsea Morning" right now -- then I could listen to it again.