Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!!

One day in the fall, I was having dinner with my Auntie Jane, in the hospice. We weren’t sitting where we normally did, and she didn’t like the new spot – she could see bare-branched trees out the window, and didn’t want to think about winter.

I told her that I don’t believe that when we die, we are erased – that something continues. That the trees would have leaves in the spring, and we didn’t know what her spring would look like.

Spring comes in fits and starts in southern Ontario. It was bright, sunny and melting here today. We usually get at least one blizzard in April though. This afternoon I took these photos, at a friend’s house, on a south-facing lawn. The house across the road still has eight inches of snow on the lawn.

In God, all things are made new.


Oystercard said...

And Happy Easter to you too Kate:)

Over here in southern England spring is well under way with blossom on lots of trees and the daffodils past their prime - and we had snow on Easter Sunday - very pretty to watch from inside the house

Kate Morningstar said...

I know, Derek -- yours is the garden I was talking about in the Growing Pains post a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for stopping in.