Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Big Adventure

I’ve been so busy, I haven’t blogged, and I’m having trouble keeping up with everyone else. I’ve been doing housework-for-hire, to supplement my income. Who’d have guessed I’d LIKE it? But I do. Part of it is, I have clients I like, and they both need and appreciate the work. And part of it is, I’m good at it. And another part is, I work hard and really earn my money. That makes me feel happy. It also takes up time, and when I am home, I’m very tired.

On Monday, I had an adventure. A friend of mine lives with his parents. They bought that house a few years ago from a man who owned a wolf. He’d bought it illegally as a puppy, and as an adult, the wolf wouldn’t get in a car, so couldn’t move. Plus, the man was moving into the city. Now my friend and his family own a 12-year old wolf.

It’s illegal to own them. When my friend inherited him, his family obtained the necessary permit. I read on Wiki that the life expectancy for them in the wild is six to ten years, and in captivity, up to double that. This wolf is showing his age. His hindquarters and back legs are stiff and slow; he’s graying around the muzzle; there’s a few bald patches.

I fell in love with him. None of the hands here are mine – another friend took pictures of me and the wolf on his phone, and doesn’t think he knows how to forward them. I was too dumb to hand my camera to anyone else. I was awe-struck, really. I sat on the ground in front of him, and held his head (it’s huge) in my hands and rubbed his head and ears. He was pushing his left ear into my hand, the way dogs do. I didn't want to wash my hands, because I could smell him -- did wash before supper though. I’d have stayed for hours, if I could – I’ve been invited back.

More later, I promise.


Oystercard said...

oh wow Kate - how cool :) We miss you when you don't write!!

I *was* just about to write about my adventure yesterday, but it was nowhere near as exciting!!!


Ellie Finlay said...

This is wonderful, wonderful! Oh, I'm so envious. What a wonderful animal.

I think you got a true blessing in/from that experience.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

What an amazing experience for you to have. Thank you for writing about it and posting the photos. The wolf looks so noble.

Kate Morningstar said...

Derek, gimme a break! What if I hadn't posted for three months because I hadn't done anything as exciting as tour the United States on my own and meet old friends in person for the first time?

Ellie, it felt like a blessing, and a privilege, to be able to sit and touch him. I'm still not able to tell what it was really like, and I may never.

Ruth, thank you -- he has great dignity.

johnieb said...

Such a beautiful creature!

I hope he finds a way live and go peacefully. May you both be blessed in your encounters.

Kate Morningstar said...

Thanks, JohnieB. He is beautiful. It's more than a week later, and I'm still deeply moved at the thought of him. I'll have to figure out a time to go back.

eric said...

What a beautiful boy! cute.