Saturday, April 19, 2008

Canadian Cultural Icons -- Number Four

I realized this week that two Fridays in a row, I’ve given you Canadian cultural icons. That was accidental, but now it’s a tradition. Technically, it’s Saturday, but since I haven’t gone to bed yet ….

I ain’t apologizing for this. In 1966, when Robert Gordon Orr first stepped onto the ice as a Boston Bruin, I was 11 years old. I haven’t fallen out of love since. I don’t watch NHL hockey these days – too many teams and the talent’s spread too thin. (I watch Coach’s Corner when I’m home on Saturday nights though.)

But this – it hadn’t occurred to me to look up Bobby on YouTube before tonight. I watched four separate videos. Watched this one twice. The man was stupendous. There’s a goal at 45 seconds into the video that’s impossible; and a play at about the three-minute mark that would be unbelievable, except he did it all the time.

I can’t believe I watched the breakaways in the videos tonight, sitting at my desk, saying, “Go, Bobby, go! Go! Go!” Like I’d never seen it before. I ain’t apologizing.


FranIAm said...


When I was about 12 or 13, in my endless need to be different, I started to follow ice hockey. Given that we are the same age, at that time, ice hockey was not the wide spread sport in the US that it is today.

Despite the greats of the NY Rangers like Phil Esposito and Eddie Giacomin, Jean Ratelle and Rod Gilbert, my heart immediately went to Boston Bruins.

Bobby Orr. Bobby Orr. Amazing, just amazing.

This brought back such memories for me too.

Thanks Kate - you know I love me some Canadian cultural icons and this is a really excellent one.

clumber said...

Back when I was a young pup, I had a habit of falling asleep to sports broadcasts, and with a pretty good radio, I was able to pick up broadcasts of the Canadiens in French. Now you have to understand, I didn't know French, but listening to the broadcast with the announcer's excitement and the beautiful names was magic to a young dog like me... Rocket Richard and Yvan Cournoyer and all the rest... later on the massive slapshots of Bobby Hull. Makes an old dog smile...

Doorman-Priest said...

So, this series: is it going to be a bit like famous Belgians, or noted Italian war heroes?

Kate Morningstar said...

Ummmm ... Hercule Poirot?

Doorman-Priest said... the only one and he is made up!

clumber said...

I believe Dr. Evil was from Belgium as well. So maybe everyone from Belgium is made up.

Kate Morningstar said...

There must be SOMEBODY real in Belgium, Clumber, because there's chocolate.