Monday, April 28, 2008

Since it's Monday, and it's raining, and the temperatures dropped ...

Last week I sent one of my best friends a VERY LOVELY POEM by Mary Oliver, because it reminded me of her. She sent back a note that said, “Oh, and this reminded me of you … I don’t know why … but it did.” Then Jan posted a Savage Chicken Cartoon over at Yearning for God, so I decided to post this, to brighten a crummy kind of day. I do play Scrabble.


MoCat said...

ahhh, of the few 'Q' words that doesn't require a 'u'...
there's also:

QANAT -- gently sloping underground tunnel for irrigation
QAT -- leaf of the shrub Catha edulis
QINDAR -- Albanian currency
QOPH -- 19th letter of the Hebrew alphabet

...I'm not a Scrabble geek, I swear!

Jan said...

Hope your day improved.

Kate Morningstar said...

Ooooh, thanks, Mocat!! I only knew qi. And I'm in a Scrabulous game right now with a killer 17-year old, and I know I've got the X and we haven't seen the Q yet.

Yes, Jan -- things got a lot better. I went to a party and saw people I liked, and had my world rocked with the difference between the way I see myself, and other people seem to see me. Something to write more about. Thank you!