Friday, April 11, 2008

Canadian Cultural Icons, Parte Trois

The first two parts were kd and Leonard.

I haven’t left you anything new in a week. Quick update – Dad’s home from the hospital; supposed to be seeing a specialist de temps en temps, on restricted fluids, and very low salt. In the hospital last week, I said, “Are you supposed to stay on the low-salt thing when you get home, Dad?” “Supposed to.” “Yeah, that’s what I thought …” I might post what I’ve felt and written, and I’ll warn you in the title – it ain't fun.

But for tonight, I'm tired and need uplifting, so … Everyone, meet Moxy Fruvous and “The King of Spain”. The video quality here’s awful; the audio’s good enough to hear the lyrics. This song was their first single, off the Bargainville album of 1994.

For those of you east of the pond or south of the 49th Parallel, “the Habs” are the Montréal Canadiens, of the NHL.


Oystercard said...

Very cute - had me bopping around as I unpacked again:)

FranIAm said...

Glad that Dad is home! Prayers continue!!

As for the video, I shall return later when more time permits.

Kate Morningstar said...

There's no point replying to the first one -- he's on a plane right now.

Fran -- thanks. The video's fun -- falls into the category of not urgent/not important -- but it is fun.