Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dad Update

His heart rate dropped a lot on Saturday, which scared some people. He's still in a curtained area in Emerg; but they're planning to move him into a room. His doctor works part-time, and hasn't been in to the hospital yet, and Dad can't be discharged without a doctor's orders. And his belly's tight again already -- his liver's putting out a lot of fluid.

Basically, everything's the same, and he'll still be in hospital tomorrow. He's eating, and not so sleep-medicated. Hospital's probably safe for him, but he's not happy there. We’re hoping for his discharge tomorrow.

Here’s a picture of my sister, Dad, and me (the blonde one) in happier times – summer of 1960, I’m guessing by the size of us. Yes, I know it's missing something, but it's the only one available on the computer.

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FranIAm said...

Kate - I have continued to and will continue to pray for your dad and for you all.