Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy and Silly Things, because I Feel Like That

This is Marmalade, my favourite cat in the world. Picture came in my e-mail today. He lives 1,200 or so miles away – I can’t have one here because the people upstairs have pretty severe allergies. Marmalade is definitely an outside cat. That birdcage sits outside on the grass with the door open all the time, and Marmalade loves to be in it. Everyone should have a place to go be happy in.

I am soooo supposed to be making and eating a large salad right now, because I didn’t make time for smaller ones at lunch and supper. And I will, honest, any minute now, only I’m having fun first. For one thing, I’m listening to Kim Mitchell singing “Patio Lanterns”, which used to aggravate my son when I lived with him – “Mum, that is the sappiest song ever written!” Yeah, I know, that’s why I love it. I was thinking maybe one night Kim Mitchell would be a Canadian Cultural Icon, although that could be stretching it, even for me.

Then I thought, if I can find it, I can post it right now! And I did find it, so here it is. A little technology in the hands of a woman who is ridiculously happy for no good reason whatsoever could be a dangerous thing. Play this nice and loud, and it’s not like that stuff the Mad One plays – you can learn the words and sing along. I am, and I’ve never heard this without dancing.

Okay, more e-mail. This first one’s from the afore-mentioned son. First and only child, born at 10:17 p.m. on December 24th. That kinda makes the Gospel of Luke sound a little different for the rest of your life. This is what he sent – I’ve gotta post the link to the video, because there’s no embed code. Trust me, it’s worth watching.


so I suppose this should be self explanatory but I fucking want one of these :P

And I said back: We'd be fools not to. I know this is crass of me, but do we have any idea how much they cost?

That was one. Then, the friend who’d sent the Chicken Scrabble cartoon a week or two ago, sent this, and it’s way kewl too:


Kate Morningstar said...

If anyone's interested, my son said this morning the R2D2 projector costs $3,000. Dunno if that's USD or CAD.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Kate, you wrote:

A little technology in the hands of a woman who is ridiculously happy for no good reason whatsoever could be a dangerous thing.

I love ridiculously happy part. You sound just like me. Maybe my madness has finally stabalized at "happy" instead of "manic"? Just a little self-depracing mad humor! :-)

I liked Neil Gaiman, by the way. Thanks for the introduction. I had not known about him.


P.S. May I link to your blog from mine?