Saturday, July 5, 2008

Canadian Cultural Icon Night -- Jane Siberry, now known as Issa

This is for Fran, Jan and Pagan Sphinx.

Jane Siberry’s my age, almost. She’s got this sweet, sweet voice, and her songs are as lovely and complicated and interesting as they come. She’s kind of a cult hit.

A couple of years ago, she changed her life radically – sold all her stuff, changed her name to Issa, which she says is a female variant on Isaiah. As Kate Morningstar, I know that reaching 50 and changing my life and name, the new choice is intensely personal.

For today, for this post, I’ve put Jane Siberry, because it’s also her choice that the music she recorded when that was her name be sold with that name.

Love to everyone. Enjoy. And, good night.


FranIAm said...

Oh Kate... thank you. You know how I love Jane, well now Issa.

I recall first being introduced to her in the mid 80's and I was hooked by her lilting voice and lyrics that touched my heart in an unusual way.

In 1987 or 88, I saw her perform at a small club in NYC and it was sublime.

She and her music have guided, protected and comforted my heart through many a life change, challenge, joy or sorrow.

Pagan Sphinx said...

My but how I wish I could express myself as Fran does, because that is exactly how I feel about Jane/Issa!

I also fell in love with her quirkiness and daring at being so herself; so different from the mainstream and so entirely endearing as a result.

Thank you, Kate. That song is beyond the ethereal. From what I understand it stands alone as a sort of anthem for a lot of people who may not otherwise be fans. It was featured at the end of a movie I saw with one of my girls when she was a young teen: Play It Forward. But you probably already know that.

Namaste, my friend

Jan said...

I hadn't heard of Jane/Issa before. But you intrigued me with this post, and especially with the video. Thank you for the intro!