Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's Bedtime -- Dream a Little Dream ...

It’s a night for love songs. It’s not that there’s anyone to be playing love songs to. I’d consider volunteers though. It’s just one of those nights. It’s beautiful out – hot and we’re not yet having the forecast thunderstorms. And I’m deeply happy tonight. That makes a nice change.

My plan was Frank Sinatra singing “I Took a Trip on a Train (and I Thought About You)”, but there’s no YouTube of it, and I don’t have an mp3 file of it yet either. This is so high up on the list of second-best that it’s practically a tie. Cass Elliott sounds just lovely on this. I’ve never heard anyone sing it better, and I’m not sure I ever heard her sing anything else better. There’s just a still of the album cover by way of video – close your eyes while you listen and dream a little dream of someone special.


Jan said...

Thanks. I just read in your profile that you are "newly thin." How wonderful! The only time I ever was "thin" was when I was clinically depressed, and I can't even remember what I looked like, but I was 5 dress sizes smaller than I am now.

Kate Morningstar said...

Jan, thank you! I had a counselor once who said that what happened to me was a self-medicated a serious post-partum depression. Til I weighed around 300 pounds. Not sure, exactly. I didn't like looking at the scale saying I weighed 285 -- so I stopped getting on the scale!! The Nile IS a river in Egypt!

I lost a large part of that excess 15 or so years ago, and the last 60 pounds last year. So that right now, I know I've lost what I weigh right now, PLUS fifteen pounds. And that's if we assume I stopped gaining weight when I stopped weighing myself. It's honest to use that as a measure though.

It's kind of fun, and sometimes terrifying. I weighed more than this when I was in Grade 10.

pj said...

Very nice song. Haven't heard it in a long time. :)

Pagan Sphinx said...

Jan: I was always average weight until I hit 40 and, like all the women in my family, I steadily went up 3 clothing sizes.

At my thinest, which was too thin for my frame, I too was clinically depressed and unhappily married. I had so little appetite, I had to force myself to eat, so I wouldn't get sick. Everyone thought I looked great, including my then-husband, yet I was miserable. Now I like to say that I'm fat and happy. :-)

But seriously, I do need to lose a few but if it's a choice between depression and being fat (which of course it doesn't have to be) I'll take fat any day.

Kate: thanks for the Mamas and Papas song. I was young when they were popular but I know their songs and love them.

Thanks for stopping by my place.