Friday, July 25, 2008

Sarah McLaughlin -- Canadian Cultural Icon Night

Three posts in a day! Holy Mackerel! That virus I’ve had must be going.

Sarah McLaughlin is one of my favourite singers. Period. And, I like the songs – her poetry, the music, the way she plays her voice makes me SO jealous. She’s a Canadian Cultural Icon if I ever saw one. The hard part was picking which song to put on the blog. I’ve asked Pagan Sphinx to teach me how to post music files, without all the videos, and then I’ll put more of McLaughlin's music up. Here’s two, cuz she’s special. The first one, "Possession". She had a video released for this in Canada that wasn’t released elsewhere. YouTube told me I couldn’t see one video of the song in this country, and the other had no embedding. This is the one I saw on TV when it was released though. See how many characters you recognize. And the second, I wanted "Ice Cream", cuz it’s just lots of fun. It'll have to wait. You get "In the Arms of an Angel" instead.

This is from her website:

Sarah McLachlan has made a career out of putting herself on the line emotionally; fans are repeatedly drawn in to her candor and forthrightness in her lyrics and music, and in her efforts in putting together Lilith Fair, an all-female artist festival which successfully toured North America for three years in a row.


Jan said...

It's been so much fun (and inspiration) to read your three posts today.

Glad you're feeling better.

pj said...

Oh, thanks for posting these. I've always loved "Possession" but I've never seen the video before. Niiice.

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